Want To Write For INFP Theologian?


Basket Of Fruit, Caravaggio, c. 1599

Here at INFP Theologian, we say things. Nobody pays us to say things, but we say them anyway. We like writing here, because:

A) There’s no requirement about uniformity. Ryan doesn’t always agree with Will, who doesn’t always agree with Ryan, who doesn’t always agree with Elyse, who doesn’t always agree with Abby.

That’s far-reaching, too. Since writing for INFP Theologian doesn’t mean you endorse the ideas of other writers at INFP Theologian, you don’t have to own anything anyone else here says. From the outset our cards are on the table and our cards are our own. If you write here, we don’t have to agree – not even a little, and that’s cool.

B) The culture of the blog is aggressively Type-B, meaning nearly anything goes. Wanna write a post per week? Do it. A post every 2 weeks? Do it. A post per month? Deaux it.

We encourage semi-regular contributions, but there’s no hard and fast rule. After all, we’re INFPs.

C) We like debate but we’re also nice. By design, we enjoy engaging the marketplace of ideas, meaning that competing ideologies are welcome. It’s kosher to become impassioned and write a visceral article about such and such topic without fearing that a relationship is on the line because of it.

That said, writing a post about how The Jews Are Plotting To Destroy Christmas By Contaminating The Water Supply In Dallas Texas And Kidnapping Taylor Swift would probably get you ejected from your non-paid, unmonitored position as a writer here. But, really, those are loose parameters.

D) We tend to put out philosophically or theologically oriented content, but basically any topic is fair game. Sex. Theology. Aging. The new Donald Miller book. Coffee. The presidential debate. Coffee. Pop culture. Coffee.

If all of your posts are about how to operate Windows 98 on your Compaq Presario desktop, you probably won’t get any hits, but nobody will question you.

E) It’s fun. Writing is fun. Writing as a collective is more fun. Especially one that is equal parts vibrant and laissez-faire.


So if you’d like to write for INFP Theologian, email us at: infptheologian@gmail.com


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