Who is INFP Theologian? Actually, INFP Theologian is Legion, because we are many. And by many, we mean there are several of us. Thoughts expressed are our own, and they aren’t always mutual.

We are “a laissez-faire writing collective”, meaning that we’re not, strictly speaking, a publication so much as we are a community.

We value irenic discourse over uniformity, and consequently, our authors represent a diverse array of viewpoints and ideologies. This way, authors are able to explore and develop their ideas free from any commitment to a common agenda.



Ryan | 22 | Oklahoma | prefers Pepsi to Coke

Ryan is a Biblical Studies student @ Oklahoma Baptist University. Occasional musician. Pretend blogger. I am the awkward cousin at your family reunion.



Will | Colorado | Prefers Izze’s to Coke and Pepsi

The posts under the old blog name, “Some Positive Possibilities” will be from me, I am Will – an INFP and a lot of other things, too. I try to be both an Orthodox and Orthoprax (?) follower of Jesus Christ, compassionate, intelligent, and devoted to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. I have a wife and two kids, who are a bigger and more important part, of course, than is fair to say online (think again of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth, for now). I don’t think this quite covers me, but I’m big into Philosophy, Poetry, Ropes Courses, and being a parent. (Also Star Wars – the original trilogy still holds up outstandingly.)

I am often what is called “conservative,” but my influences and interests are more complex than what you might think. Among other things, they range from the ancient and “medieval” Christian and Neoplatonic philosophers and mystics to the tradition which began in Romanticism and worked its way through Existentialism to the “Post-Modernism” of Heidegger, Lyotard, George Steiner, Levinas, Derrida – but don’t be fooled, I am interested in Christ, the historical, Biblical Christ. C. S. Lewis is my main influence, after my dad, followed by a Christian summer camp for people with special needs, called Camp Barnabas, then Donald Miller, and the quintessential Christian philosopher of our time, Soren Kierkegaard. (Don’t forget Negative Theology, or the Reformed Epistemologists: Mavrodes, Plantinga, or even William James. Or the anthropologist René Girard.)

I’m all over the place, effectively. I hope to be at least as effective as a certain bald man with dark glasses who asked a certain newcomer, “You think that’s air you’re breathing?” Still working on it.


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