Creating Community Through The Lord’s Supper

Ryan Ellington

1200px-Última_Cena_-_Juan_de_Juanes The Last Supper by Juan de Joanes

“Much of what passes for koinonia (“community”) in contemporary church life seems to neglect the fact that the primary goal is not vulnerability or gut-sharing or even friendship, though all these are laudable. The goal is not even to advance eachother’s knowledge of the scriptures, though that too is commendable. These are all secondary to helping one another to know the crucified Christ more intimately. The ultimate goal of koinonia is to discover common life in Christ, common union with Christ, common worshipful adoration of Christ, common soul-orientation toward Christ and our neighbor. For this reason when the gatherings that constituted koinonia are further elaborated in Acts 2, a key element is that “they broke bread in their homes” (Acts 2:46). Its orientation was around the Eucharist, which was celebrated in these days in the context of a love meal.” (Ross Hastings, Missional…

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