In Praise of Guilt: Reflections on ‘Wise Blood’ and ‘Mexican Bus Ride’

Grindhouse Theology

I was once in an unpleasant game of pool when my then-girlfriend’s older sister felt compelled to grill me on the fact that I, like her sister, was a Christian. More specifically, the sort of Christian who goes out of their way to get a degree in Religion – to plumb the depths of what, in her estimation, is an embodied absurdism, an intellectual suicide and, worse, an antiquated bit of heavy-handed social control, which, by now, ought to have done us all a favor and withered away.

This one-time potential in-law had not, evidently, been made aware of the debt that the best of modern civilization – East and West alike – owes to ‘Religion’ as such; be it Christendom’s faithful preservation of the ‘humanities’ through the inevitable ‘dark ages’ following the Empire’s long-approaching collapse, or the Islamic world’s insatiable appetite for what has, today, blossomed into the ‘STEM’…

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